Event Equipment Hire: How to Make Sure Your Events are Planned to Perfection

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Here at The Hire Guys Balcatta, we specialise in providing equipment hire for outdoor events in Perth. Whether you’re running a festival, music event or outdoor movie night, we have a complete range of safe and modern equipment. 

Our experienced team pride themselves on their ability to not only supply the equipment, but to transport, set up and maintain it during the event as well. We are qualified and experts at what we do, and our range of services can save you a lot of stress, time and money. 

Safety is our primary concern at The Hire Guys Balcatta. From electrical checks to satisfy State Legislation and worksafe requirements, and our own high industry standards, to the routine everyday maintenance, we ensure that our event equipment performs for you safely and effectively. 

Event Equipment Hire

For most events, there are a number of things that you absolutely need: 


Hiring generators for outdoor events is generally essential. Lights, DJ equipment, electric instruments, and speakers all need power. Because of this, The Hire Guys Balcatta supply generators in all shapes and sizes, tailoring our products to your individual requirements. 

Ranging from 2KVA to 220KVA, our diverse range of generators can provide power to just about any type of event. 

It’s important to supply a sufficient level of power to your equipment, because power shortages can potentially create a disaster. This is why it’s imperative that you consider what equipment will be used and what size generator will be required. Our friendly team can offer expert advice to help you make this decision. 

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Portable Toilets

Toilets are a legal requirement at most outdoor events in Perth and Western Australia. At The Hire Guys Balcatta we supply toilets with disability access as well regular portable toilets, otherwise known as portaloos. 

Our portable toilets are tough and durable, featuring galvanised steel skid and twin sheeted walls. Furthermore, they are pleasant to use and easy to maintain. With an ergonomic interior and built-in fresh water unit for hand washing and flushing, they also include an extensive waste and water tank for storage. 

Starting from $110 each per week we can offer discounts for large scale and long term hire. Our portable toilets are accompanied by a trailer and have a $55 pump out fee upon return. 

VMS / Message Boards

VMS Boards are not just for road operations. Large, luminant leering can be useful at any major (or minor) event, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Be it to provide directions, communicate promotional messages, or other purposes not related specifically to the management of traffic, message boards can be incredibly useful at your event.

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Power Boards

Power boards, also known as electrical portable outlet devices, multi-boxes and multiplugs, allow you to plug in multiple wires into one portable case.

A good power board can reduce establishment costs, and provide a safer environment for staff and patrons.

Traffic Cones and Track Mats

Traffic cones are an important feature of any event. With Australian regulation, UV stabilised traffic cones, equipped with grey reflective strips, traffic cones are easy to see in traffic, and can be important in regards to both traffic and crowd control.

Track mats are seen at every outdoor event because they are an effective way of providing a sturdy, stable place for patrons to walk, stand, or dance, while not destroying glass below. Furthermore, track mats can help you avoid pointless injuries, being non-slip, and an alternative to loose ground or wet grass.

The Hire Guys Balcatta

The Hire Guys Balcatta not only specialises in event equipment hire for construction sites or road work operations; we are passionate in our provision of the highest quality products for all events which may make use of them.

Event equipment hire is an industry used by event planners to ensure events are outfitted with the right products. Because of this, The Hire Guys Balcatta works to ensure that our products perform exactly how they’re intended to.

Contact us today to discuss your event equipment hire requirements. 

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